AutoHotKey, environment variables and putty (cygterm)

One of the cool things I have AutoHotKey do for me is launch a new putty/cygterm window when I invoke a certain key combo. (It’s windows-N, since you ask.)

But I’ve just realised something interesting. If I change windows’ system environment variables, then they won’t propogate to new putty/cygterm windows. That’s because the putty’s are being launched by AutoHotKey. I have to restart AutoHotKey to get it to pick up the new environment variables.

Thankfully it’s very easy to restart AutoHotKey: I just double click the .ahk file. Which lives on my desktop, since I edit it a lot! (And I have the #SingleInstance declaration at the top of the file, so it doesn’t complain.)

More on AutoHotKey later. It’s revolutionized my windows life.


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