Applecare … not as good as, say, Dell

I have a powerbook g4 and an ibook g4, both covered by applecare.

The dvd drive was broken on the powerbook. I wanted them to fix it. It took a week between ringing them and a courier coming to pick up the laptop. And the laptop came back three days after that.

If this were a real computer manufacturer – like Dell or IBM/Lenovo – they’d have sent somebody out with a new dvd drive the very next day. Actually, it would have been even better than that: they’ve have just posted me a new dvd drive.

I’ve learnt my lesson: if you want a real computer, buy a Dell or a Thinkpad. If you just want a toy, sure, go ahead and buy an Apple. But don’t depend on it.

I sometimes see people rave about how wonderful apple support is. I don’t get that. Maybe it’s an american thing – maybe apple’s support happens to be good in the US. Here in the UK though, it’s pretty poor.


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