Goods *are* services

Every time you pay for something, you’re paying somebody. There’s no such thing as paying for goods, per se. Goods are merely services you can touch. Your payment accrues to somebody for doing something. Whether it be for having it in stock on the offchance that you buy it, for delivering it, for assembling it, for digging or sucking it out of the ground, or for agreeing not to hurt or kill the person who stores it, delivers it, assembles it, or sucks it out of the ground. (We call these payments bribes or taxes.)

People fret that modern, western countries don’t make anything any more. That we just “take in each others’ laundry”. Well, you know what? They’re right. But you know what else? It just doesn’t matter.

If goods are just a particular, tangible form of somebody doing something for somebody else, who cares if many services don’t take the form of goods?

On my more optimistic days, I get excited about how the future for humanity is so incredibly bright. We’ll all be doing things for other people, more and more efficiently, and more and more people will be doing things for us. What a wonderful, virtuous circle. God bless trade. God bless the internet.


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