Commuting into Belfast (via Lisburn train station)

I “commute” from Dromara to Belfast. Well, commute is too grand a word for it. The way I see it, I just drive into work. I usually go very early in the morning, so it would take between forty and sixty minutes, door to door. And that’s with me parking near Botanic and walking into town.

Recently though I’ve found myself not wanting to get up in time to leave before seven. And I’m finding that leaving sometime after eight (but before nine) means that my trip in really does deserve the name “commute”. Darn. As well as that, it’s hard to find somewhere “good” to park.

So I’m thinking of taking the train for a bit of the journey. Maybe drive to Lisburn, park somewhere, then get the train. I’ve got a timetable. I’ve googled for pricing. And I’m ready to give it a go. Maybe I’ll write about my experiences. Hmmmm.


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