Lisburn train station – a minor rant

…In which I rant a teeny little bit about Translink.

When you get off the train in Lisburn, there’s a double door to take you out of the station. But they keep one half of these doors closed, and a guy checks everybody’s ticket. Y’know, to make sure you haven’t *gasp* fare-dodged.

Anyway, the most annoying bit is that they do this even when there’s a massive queue to get out of the station, even when there are loads of members of staff hanging around. How annoying.

And it gets worse: if there are people coming through to get onto the train, they come through the same single door, and the same person insists on checking their tickets. But they have priority, seemingly, so the huge queue of people waiting to get the hell out of the train station have to wait. And wait.

Normally my rants about Translink – Ulsterbus and especially Citybus – usually end with me raising my voice a couple of octaves, going a dangerous shade of red, foaming at the mouth and having to lie down for a while. But NIR, the railway bit, is actually not all that bad. It’s a bit like being in England. (Only not as good.) At least on the Lisburn-Belfast bit; the other bits aren’t as good. The bit to Larne, for example, is a bit like going back in time. And not to the part of history when trains were good.


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