Do cores matter in ESX?

I wonder if the number of cores matter in your ESX server?

It’s not completely obvious to me that they do. I mean, sure, they obviously should, but I wonder if they actually matter in practice.

We have a dual core opteron (F2216, I think) and some quad core Xeons. I really don’t see any difference between the two. I should really try to come up with some scientific tests that purport to represent our usage. But for now, number of cores doesn’t seem to matter so much.

That said, if I have a choice between a dual- and a quad-core CPU in a box for ESX, I’ll tend to choose the quad-core, even if it’s a little dearer.

I’ll also tend to favour a little more L2 cache, but again, this is for historical, emotional reasons, and I don’t  have evidence to support this mildly irrational preference.


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