Disable the windows xp beep noise

One of the things I really (used to) hate about XP was the beep. The really loud beep.

There you are, listening to music on headphones and you accidentally press something and BEEP!!!, you jump like a scalded cat, and nurse your poor, bruised eardrums.

I actually almost considered using vista, what with its separate volume controls for different applications. In fact, I actually did use Vista for a little while. But the separate volume controls thing just didn’t live up to its hype. Such is life, such is vista.

Anyway, there is a solution to the BEEP problem for XP users. It turns out that the beep is nothing to do with windows’ sound subsystem. It’s actually it’s own driver.

What you do is just disable the beep driver, beep.sys. There are two commands:

  • net stop beep
  • sc config beep start=disabled

The first one stops it for now, and the second makes sure it’ll never start again. Oh, you type these into a command window (Start->Run, type “cmd” and press return), in case that isn’t obvious.

The one place where the BEEP used to really hurt me was in mstsc.exe, the RDP, terminal services client.

As with many tech tips, I put it somewhere public so that I can find it again. That it might be useful to you is a pleasant bonus.


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