MOTs – owning a car in the UK

In the UK, cars older than four years have to have a valid MOT certificate. Basically, this means you have to get an MOT round about your car’s fourth birthday, and every year thereafter.

In Britain (ie. the UK excluding Northern Ireland), MOT centres are mostly all private, run by garages and whatnot. And getting an MOT isn’t a big deal. In Northern Ireland, MOTs are run by a government agency. They’re not bad, as govt agencies go.

You apply – it costs about £30 – you turn up, you wait, you pass or fail. If you fail, you apply for a re-test (costs about £10), turn up, they check just the bits you failed on last time.

You can always take your car to Scotland (or England, or Wales) and get yur car MOT-ed there. A UK MOT cert is a UK MOT cert is a UK MOT cert.

In a recent change to the law, cars in Northern Ireland that have an MOT in Northern Ireland are required to display a wee disc that says so. It’s a completely pointless piece of muscle-flexing by the NI Assembly, if you ask me. You can take your car to Britain and get it MOT-ed there … then you don’t have to display a disc. But I guess if it keeps the politicians out of mischief, I guess it’s pretty harmless.

MOT tests are pretty thorough. Some folk don’t get work done to their cars unless something obviously breaks, or the MOT folk tell them to.

I don’t think they’re actually called MOT tests any more. (MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport, I believe.) But that’s what everybody calls ’em.


One Response to “MOTs – owning a car in the UK”

  1. an Mot tester Says:

    It’s actually after the is 3 years old that a Mot becomes required

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