Newspapers – savouring them

Whenever I go into one of the two shops in Dromara nowadays, I savour the incredible range of newspapers on offer. I know that before my boys are grown up, all the newspapers’ll be gone.

There are all the English newspapers, all the Irish ones, and all the local ones – and there are a staggering number of local ones – and then there are all the farming ones, not to mention the racing ones.

It’s bloody amazing, actually.

But based on the theory that all trends in the US make their way over here sooner or later, usually sooner, they’re all doomed. It’s a crying shame.

Sure, many of them will linger on. Partly because the people who work in them all don’t know what else to do; partly because folk hereabouts are a bit … luddite … and don’t really get this whole internet thing, and won’t for a while. (This isn’t a criticism!) And partly because they still really do fill a need more than they’re a business – especially the local ones.

Anyway, it almost brings a tear to my eye. At least it would if a random newspaper didn’t cost £2. Two quid? Feck off. I can read it on the internet for nowt. I’ll buy the times occasionally for the crossword, and the irish times occasionally for its weirdness. (And its crossword.) And the local newspapers out of curiosity, and the irish news just because it actually does journalism. But that’s it.


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