Setting up a bridge in vmware…

If you want to set up a virtual machine to be a bridge in vmware… that is, if you want to be able to configure that virtual machine as a bridge, you’ll need:

  • two NICs on the VM (obviously)
  • not to plug into the same switch or virtual switch
  • probably to create a new virtual switch and plug one of them into it
  • to enable promiscuous mode and mac spoofing

Key takeaway #1: if you plug both ports a bridging vm into a network, you’ll probably kill that network. You can even kill your work LAN. Seriously.

Key takeaway #2: if you don’t enable both promiscuous mode and mac spoofing, your bridge won’t be able to bridge. Promiscuous mode allows it to see traffic that isn’t for itself and mac spoofing allows it to send out packets that it didn’t originate.


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