Driving – wanting a new(ish) car

Something I find weird listening to americans is how they buy cars – they seem to buy cars new. I’ve never really got this – what sort of crazy nutjob buys a car brand new???

I live in the UK. Cars are expensive. Not as expensive as they are in surrounding countries, but still pretty darn expensive. New cars especially so. I don’t get this buying a new car thing. I did it once. It was expensive. Never again.

That said, I go through phases of craving various cars. I’ve (thankfully) come out of a period of really, really wanting a Nissan Pathfinder. (I know – what was I thinking???) Currently, a Volvo XC70 or V70 seems really desirable (provided it has seven seats, and the regular back seats have fold-up bum cushions for wee folk.)

I seem to spend a lot of time in the car these days. Over an hour a day maybe. And an inevitable consequence of this is that I find myself looking at other cars thinking “Yeah, that’s a sensible car – I should get one of those.” (If I had infinite money, etc)

Hopefully my financial ability to actually buy another car to replace my current one (a 1.4 petrol Fiat Stilo, since you ask) will coincide with a period of lust for a not-totally-fucking-dipshit-stupid car. In particular, I really, really hope I don’t at some point go through a phase of wanting a vw touareg or (god help me) an audi q7 at the same time as actually being able to afford one of them.

If I can get a nice sensible v70 or toyota verso, that’ll be just grand.


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